Panel Listings

Panel 1a (9:15 – 10:30)

Authorial Voice and Aesthetic Creation
Chair: Sophie Duncan (University of Oxford)

*Nicola Sayers, PhD candidate (School of Advanced Study, University of London)
‘A life lived or a life imagined, and does it even matter? Life-writing, fangirling, and Tavi Gevinson’s Style Rookie’

*Christine Maria Fouirnaies, DPhil candidate (University of Oxford)
‘“So few people can be fully normal and boldly normal”: Gertrude Stein’s Pictorial Self-Fashioning in the Illustrations of The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas and Everybody’s Autobiography’

*Rod Rosenquist, Lecturer (University of Portsmouth)
‘Modernist Celebrities Undressed! Literary Memoirs, Intimacy and the Authorial Wardrobe Malfunction’

Panel 1b (9:15 – 10:30)

Celebrated and/or Reviled: Politics and Power
Chair: Patrick Hayes (University of Oxford)

*Benjamin Woolley, post-doctoral fellow (Goldsmiths, University of London)
‘Holyrood Royalty: Charles I seen as a celebrity’

*Emily Bowles, PhD candidate (University of York)
‘What’s in a Name? “Charles Dickens” in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries’

*Mark Leopold, Lecturer (University of Sussex)
‘Celebrity Evil: On writing the life of Idi Amin’

Panel 2a (10:45 – 11:50)

Crafting the Narrative, Contesting the Narrative
Chair: Laura Marcus (University of Oxford)

*Deborah Longworth, Senior Lecturer (University of Birmingham)
‘The Sitwells, Sitwellism and Sitwelliana: Modernism, Celebrity and Self-Fashioning’

*Nanette O’Brien, DPhil candidate (University of Oxford)
‘Crafting the Sense of an Ending: the Narrative After-Life of Lytton Strachey’s Eminent Victorians’

*Lucy Bolton, Lecturer (Queen Mary University of London)
‘Speaking for Iris: the Cult of Iris Murdoch’

Panel 2b (10:45 – 11:50)

National Paradox: Exceptionalism versus Decline
Chair: Michèle Mendelssohn (University of Oxford)

*Max Jones, Senior Lecturer in Modern History (University of Manchester)
‘Negative After-Images: Lytton Strachey, Sexuality and The History of Debunking’

*Thomas Ellis, PhD candidate (University of Southampton)
‘Fellow Travellers from Outer space: American Media Depictions of Soviet Cosmonauts’

*Oline Eaton, PhD candidate (King’s College London)
‘“Do we have to decide it is altogether impossible?”: Norman Mailer’s Marilyn and the Watergating of Marilyn Monroe’